Happy Birthday

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My child has grown in many ways. She is confident & secure in her surroundings. Social development has increased, the way the rooms are set up onto the joint playground allows her to play with older children which she enjoys very much. She loves her art & is often singing songs she has learnt.
She has made lots of friends & enjoys interacting with the other kids plus it allowed me to go back to work.
A great community of employees who support & care our previous children giving them a nurturing environment to help structure them in their learning abilities.
Friendly, caring environment. Approachable and involved teachers. We feel our whole family is loved and cared for by the service.

We have watched our four-year-old flourish under the wonderful educators. He is a kind, caring, adventurous and inquisitive little boy who we know is well supported in an incredibly nurturing environment.

Our 18-month-old has had the most lovely transition to care with some of the most beautiful women around to support that transition. She is so content in their care she sometimes doesn’t want to leave when we arrive to pick her up!

I can see the comfort and security my child has when he comes to daycare every day. He loves all his teachers and just loves being there. I love the way they teach and encourage in everything. I always look forward to beautiful observations and a chit chat at pick up. Thank you for doing a remarkable job and helping our little man grow.

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